What is Social Points?

Social Points allow you to incentivise your customers
to share your offers and promotions on their Social Media

How it works

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Sign them up
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Show them offers

Show them offers
and deals to share

Reward for shares and sales

Reward them for
shares clicks & sales

Exchange for points

Exchange points for Vouchers/Discounts etc.

Why should your Company do it?

Advertising on Social Media simply does not carry the same impact as a recommendation from a friend. So we've built a clever system that enables your customers to share your offers on THEIR social network.

You reward them for generating visitors to your site with points which they turn into vouchers that can be redeemed on your site or in your store.

  • It creates personal recommendations
  • It generates web traffic
  • It encourages greater customer engagement
  • You can run exclusive offers and deals
  • Facebook’s advertising rules do not apply
  • Friends’ content is displayed more prominently and more often in the news feed
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Example Applications

Here are some example applications to show how Social Points can be used across a variety of sectors


Special offers, secret sales, new releases – all shared by your customers to their friends

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Broadcast new events, last minute offers for unsold tickets, competitions and merchandise sales

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Football, rugby and cricket clubs can utilize their loyal followings to promote events, games, merchandise, testimonials and more…

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Most betting firms have thousands of markets on offer every day – get your customers to share the big markets with their friends. Then using our categories feature you can identify the most relevant offers for each of your sharers Charities

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Allow all your advertisers to post offers to your readers for sharing – each advertiser offers rewards into the system, this is a great new add on for the publishing industry.

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With a huge dedicated fund raising audience – promote events, causes and drive new donors using Social Points

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Managed Services

The system is incredibly easy to use, offers take no more than 10 minutes to load into the system from start to finish.

Recruiting your customers into your Social Points programme takes a little more effort and we’re happy to help, advise and supply marketing templates.

We offer a fully managed service for those companies who either want our expertise or who don’t have the resources in-house.

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Demo Sites

We’ve set up some demo sites, so you can have a look around and see the journey.

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The Wager

Get rewarded for sharing our brilliant deals!

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Share special offers with your social network and earn fabulous rewards!

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