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Charities have a passionate following! In fact it’s hard to think of a sector that has a more loyal and committed audience.

Social Points allows charities to turn their social followers into social fundraisers with a unique virtual currency.

Charities can use Social Points to

  1. Promote new fundraising initiatives
  2. Promote your causes and content
  3. Signing up volunteers
  4. Events – Cycle rides, marathon entries, running events….
  5. Social events – Coffee mornings, dog walks, cake bakes…
  6. Special events – Balls, concerts, carol services…
  7. Online Auctions…

By running a Social Points scheme you can get your army of social followers to create enormous awareness for your cause and generate income

Remember every point someone generates can be redeemed in a variety of ways…

  1. As a donation (1 point = 1 pence donation)
  2. Entry to an event (i.e.10,000 for a £100 event entry discount…)
  3. Merchandise (1,000 points for a £10 merchandise voucher for your online shop)

Let’s be honest you’ve probably got 1,000s of likes in fact maybe 100s of thousands… Social Points enables you to turn those likes into donors…

If you’d like to discuss starting a Social Points programme for your charity then fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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