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Is there a more socially engaged sector than Fashion? Only sport i.e. Football clubs (Liverpool FC has 25million likes) seem to have more followers. A quick check on Facebook reveals that numbers in the millions of page-likes are common place in the fashion sector…

However as you already know, the Facebook news feed algorithm stops you from posting to all of these without using the Ad Platform, which means paying.

Social Points allows you to turn these likes into mini affiliates, driving traffic to your website and filling your shopping baskets full of products from their friends.

Social Points can be used to promote…

  • Exclusive friends only deals
  • Secret sales
  • New product releases
  • End of line (WIGIG)
  • Flash sales
  • Sale Previews
  • And more…

Remember all the points that your offers generate can be turned into vouchers that can only be spent in your store!

As each point is worth a penny your scheme might look something like this…

Sharing 10 points
Clicks 5 points
Sales 5% basket value i.e. £100 basket value would be 500 points.

Start promoting with Social Points

It's easy to get started! Just fill in a few contact details about your company and we'll be in touch.

You can set all sorts of rules in place through the system, limiting the amount of points that can be generated from shares and clicks to stop people ‘gaming’ the system (i.e. a sharer can earn no more than 20 points a day from clicks)

Don’t forget - all the points your scheme generates can only be used in your store!

Redeeming points is simple using our unique voucher code system or uploading your own codes through the portal.

We even offer a managed service to run the scheme for you.

If you’re familiar with affiliate networks then think of Social Points as your own Micro Affiliate Network

If you want to discuss running a Social Points scheme for your business then complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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