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We create a dedicated white label 'area' in Social Points for your brand, your customers will have no idea that Social Points is behind your scheme, it is completely branded for your business. You recruit your own customers into your referral programme. They can sign up through Facebook, Twitter or email and download your branded App from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Once they join your referral programme they will be able to view offers that you want them to recommend and share amongst their friends on social media.


We record all the activity for that ‘sharer’ in our system so we know:

  • When they shared
  • Which network they shared on
  • And then we can track the clicks that they generate and visitors to your site.

For each action they receive points i.e. 5 points for sharing or 10 points for a click through to your site. Everything is recorded.

These points build up in their ‘wallet’ and they can then redeem the points with you in a variety of ways as already mentioned.

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