Implementing your Social Rewards Program

There are several ways that you can implement your Social Rewards Program and we recommend you use a combination of them all until you reach the amount of users you are happy with.

Bear in mind that some users will be more active than others and some will drop off whilst others join, so you will need to keep a rolling recruitment and retention campaign running in the background.

Imagine the draw and cachet you’d create if you had a waiting list!

Email your customers
The easiest way to invite your customers to join the scheme is by email. The email would briefly explain the scheme then take them through to the sign-up page.

The only drawback with this is that your customers may not open the email but don’t worry, there’s another way you can use your email addresses.

Target your customers on Facebook
By using your email database to create a custom audience on Facebook, you can serve an advert* that will appear in your customers’ timelines. This is just like sending them a “pre-opened” email.

Your ad will take drive traffic to a landing page where the scheme is explained in more detail and they can sign-up.

In Store
You can have in-store promotional material informing people of your scheme, but if you want to stick to the exclusive feel of “by invitation only”, you will only want selected customers to sign up.

You can do this by handing out an invitation with when they come to pay at the end of their treatment.

You might also want to hold a salon event where your favourite clients can sign up on the night over a glass of bubbles.

You can text your client to invite them to join the reward scheme too.

If you are an e-tailer, you can pop an invitation into each parcel (over a certain value) that you send out, giving instructions on how to sign up.

*we can create and run this for you.

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