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From small regional theatres to national stadiums a Social Points programme can help fill your venue by creating event awareness and ticket sales.

A quick check on Facebook shows small venues like the Watford Colosseum has 4,500 likes with larger venues like the Manchester Arena having 30,000 likes. A Social Points programme can turn all of these likes into an army of ticket sellers!!

  • Promoting events
  • Exclusive advanced ticket sales for friends (Has a high social value!!)
  • Last minute offers to fill seats.
  • Group Deals

By signing up your followers to your Social Points scheme, you can reward them for creating event awareness and ticket sales.

Remember every point someone generates can be redeemed in a variety of ways…

As each point is worth a penny your scheme might look something like this…

Sharing 5 points
Clicks 15 points
Sales 5% basket value i.e. £100 basket value would be 500 points.

You can set all sorts of rules in place through the system limiting the amount of points that can be generated from shares and clicks to stop people ‘gaming’ the system (i.e. a sharer can earn no more than 20 points a day from clicks)

Rewards could range from vouchers, 1000 points for a £10 voucher through to in-venue purchases like popcorn - 350 points for a large portion(£3.50 value).

We can guide you in how to set up your points system to deliver consistent results.

Social Points could deliver you a network of thousands of ticket sellers and event promoters in a unique manner.

If you’d like to discuss starting a Social Points programme for your venue then fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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