Why it works

Why should your Company do it?

Advertising on Social Media simply does not carry the same impact as a recommendation from a friend. So we've built a clever system that enables your customers to share your offers on THEIR social network.

You reward them for generating visitors to your site with points which they turn into vouchers that can be redeemed on your site or in your store.

  • It creates personal recommendations
  • It generates web traffic
  • It encourages greater customer engagement
  • You can run exclusive offers and deals
  • Facebook’s advertising rules do not apply
  • Friends’ content is displayed more prominently and more often in the news feed

Rewarding your sharers

We use a points system so that you can set the limits and value of your rewards.


If you already run a loyalty scheme, or a referral programme, then it will easily dovetail with Social Points. Our developers will work with your team to implement this.

Points are earned by actions. This means that you reward someone for each time they share an offer, and then again if the person they share to has clicked on the ad, visited your website or purchased a product.

How much work will it be?

It’s simple and quick to load offers onto the system provided you have a relevant image. It requires very little technical skill.

You can use the system to alert your network of users about new offers or sneak previews.

Recruiting your customers onto the scheme will be the biggest task then keeping them engaged with great content and offers to share.

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