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Publishers fulfill two of the key criteria for running a successful Social Points scheme.

  1. They have an engaged audience
  2. They have a wealth of offers to post from their advertisers...

Would you like to be able to offer all of your advertisers the opportunity to get their offers shared on social media by your readers? Well Social Points can do just that...

All of your advertisers want to drive traffic to their websites and they can easily do this by running an offer and having it shared which will generate clicks to their website from potential new customers. Each time a purchase is made then that purchase generates more points for the original sharer.

The advertiser credits into the system the amount of points that their offer created in the form of vouchers or discounts.

For example company A runs an offer and the offer is shared, clicked on and some purchases are made, the whole offer creates about 235,750 points worth of activity, which would look like this

150 shares at 5 points 750 points total
1000 clicks at 15 points 15000 points total
50 sales with a total basket value of £2,200 220,000 points
Total points created by the offer 235,750 points…

They would then have to pay into the scheme the 235,750 points as vouchers, remember a point is worth a penny so they would have to make available £2,357 worth of vouchers…

They may choose to simply put in 240 - £10 reward vouchers for 1000 points each (240 x 1000=240,000). The idea being that they always had enough rewards to balance their ‘expenditure’.

The key fact is that any sharer can redeem any reward – so even if they haven’t shared an offer from company A and providing they have enough points, they can still redeem a voucher. When an advertiser has a zero balance i.e. they don’t owe the scheme any points then their rewards become unavailable until they do owe points.

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Advantages for publishers

  1. Give your advertisers an easy route into social media with a quantifiable benefit.
  2. Create a new revenue stream for the publisher by charging access to its audience
  3. Give your readers the opportunity to post great offers to their friends on social media for reward

Everyone wins…

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